The Tracks Story

Drummer Roger Odell talks to us about Tracks, one of Trevor's first bands, the missing link between Tina Charles and Buggles, and the group that paved the way for Shakatak.


Trevor on Aviv Geffen

A short film about Aviv Geffen, whose debut English album was produced by Trevor Horn in 2009.


From the Art of Plastic to the Age of Noise

Sleeve notes for ZTT's forthcoming deluxe reissue of The Buggles' second album, Adventures In Modern Recording.


Paul Morley on Trevor Horn, Part 7

“If in the '60s, Phil Spector created a wall of sound, by the middle of the '80s Horn had already established his sound, a whole room of sound, the walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, decorated with absolute flourish.” Read more in Paul's biog of Trevor, from late 1997...


Paul Morley on Trevor Horn, Part 17

"During the 1970s, on the edge between making it and not making it, he slowly built up the peculiar, abstract qualifications you might need to be a record producer..." In Vast Cities of Sound, Paul looks back at his work with Trevor for The Telegraph in November 2004. Click here to read the article at


Sounding Off: Seal

From September 2003, Seal talks to Sound on Sound magazine about his work with Trevor Horn, and the role of the modern record producer…